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Website Marketing Tips
  • Links
    Link with every website that you possibly can.  After we design your website, we start you out with a link from our portfolio page along with a link on our local advertising websites.  Some charge a small fee and some are free.  Some like to trade links, too.  Linking will increase your popularity which may cause your site to rank higher in some of the search engines.  If your website is a hard to spell name or abbreviation and/or includes a ( - ) in the web address, you will have to promote it even more.  Your prospective visitors need to know where to find you!
  • Place Your URL (website address) In Your Print Ads
    Think of this as extending your print ad.  Readers that have Internet access can go directly to your website to get more details about your business.  Remember to proof the ad carefully - we have seen several ads that state the "website" but instead it is their E-Mail address listed.  Too late - print ads cannot be changed until it is time for the next one to be published.
  • Utilize your On-Hold Message
    Instead of playing soft rock or jazz, you can tell the caller if they are calling for directions, hours, prices, etc. that they can surf on over to your website for all of that information.
  • Utilize Your URL In Your Answering Machine or Voice Mail Messages
    For those who call your office or shop outside of working hours, spell out your website address in your message so that they can get the information they need online.
  • Start An E-Mail Newsletter
    Send out mailings every week or month to current and prospective customers announcing sales, coupons and specials.  Announce your website address somewhere in that E-Mail.
  • Have A Contest or Giveaway
    Announce a drawing for a FREE something once or twice a month.  Everyone loves FREE!   Have your visitors sign up via your online form that asks them if they would like to receive your newsletter.  Now you will have a terrific "address book" started for that E-Mail Newsletter I mentioned above.
  • Include Your URL On Your Outside Signage
    This lets everyone who passes by know what your website address is.
  • Magnetic Bumper Stickers or Window Clings
    This is a VERY inexpensive way to advertise your website address and one of the most effective.  Imagine how many vehicles jot down your web address while they are behind you at a stoplight, walking past your auto that is parked at the grocery store or the mall, at your child's school, at church, at work -  - the possibilities are endless!   Try it - it works!
  • Add A Signature File To Your E-Mail
    At the end of every E-Mail message you send out, add the file that contains your contact information and what's new at your website.
  • Encourage Visitors To Bookmark Your Site
    Have you ever found a great website only to be booted off your computer and you had no idea what the site was?  This happens all the time.  If you bookmark the site or add it to your favorites in the very beginning you can go right back to where you were.   (A little hint - hit the refresh key after opening the site from your favorites or bookmarks so you can be sure to go the most current version).
  • Print T-Shirts or other Specialty Items
    Order custom shirts with your website address on them.  You can even sponsor a team or give them away as promotional items.
  • Signs & Banners
    Place signs or banners throughout your store or business so all of your customers know you have a website.  Restaurant owners can have their website addresses printed on their menus, placemats, napkins, pizza boxes, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
  • TV/Radio Ads
    If you currently advertise on television or radio, be sure to add your website address to your advertisement for your full money's worth.
  • Word of Mouth
    Talk - talk - talk about your website.  You will be surprised how word travels.   Everyone is looking online these days and they should be looking for you!
  • Social Networking
    With the popularity of social networking sites, marketing can be very effective.  You can easily access social networking apps from your iPhone or T-Mobile Blackberry phone, and can constantly market your website through channels like Twitter and Facebook.

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