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Frequently Asked Questions

Some businesses and organizations do not understand the Internet or realize how a website can help their business increase revenue and productivity simply by being online.

(What we need from you)

  • Choose A Domain Name
    We will check the availability of the name you choose at no charge.  If the name is available we can register it for you (listing you as the owner).  Or you may already have a domain name that you or someone else registered.
  • Review other websites for ideas only or sketch out your own ideas
    The layout and colors to use is an important first step.  The additional pages of your website will have the same look as your homepage (colors, layout & logo, etc.) so that your visitors will not become confused.  Easy navigation makes a successful website.
  • What will your website accomplish
    Do you want to sell gift certificates or products online?  Do you want a website that is for informational purposes only so that you can advertise online 24/7?  
  • Write your text copy
    Nobody knows your business better than you do!  Each page of your website will need a few small paragraphs of text for page content.  Think like one of your own customers!  What are they looking for?  Your location and hours are important.  List all of your services.  List prices.  Let your visitors know how long you have been in business and your experience with that particular product or service.  If you are a restaurant owner, list all of your menus online.  This will also help determine how many pages your website will be.  We can start small and always add more pages at any time as your business grows.
  • Think about other features you would like to have
    Do you want an online form that sends the results of questions directly to your email?  Do you want to collect your visitor's email addresses for a future newsletter?
  • Gather information for us
    We will need your logo, color choices, font name(s), brochures, and any other text information and photographs or images that you would like to use on your website.  Or you can leave the choices to us.  Consider your website as an online brochure for your visitors.  If you have digital photos you can send them to us by e-mail.  We also have access to thousands of stock photos online.


  • Why do I need a Web Site?  There are many reasons for a business to advertise online.  To network, to establish a presence, to serve your customers better, to make all of your business information available, to heighten the public interest, to sell things, to make pictures and sound available, to answer frequently asked questions, etc. Every day, more and more people are looking on the Internet to find goods and services, not only nationally but locally as well.  Your customers expect you to be there and you don't want to let them down especially if you know your competitors are already there!
  • Is it worth the money?  Website design does not have to be expensive & it is actually the most economical means of advertising today!  You can have the information on your website changed quickly and easily and 90% of the time we will change it the same day that you request the change.  You cannot do that with print advertising.  We care about each and every business and we make sure we give them MORE than their money's worth!
  • What kind of information should I have on my website? Think like one of your own customers!  What do you think they would like to see?  You may want to ask them.  We think the most important things are:  Hours, Location (Map), Frequently Asked Questions, Testimonials, Online Menu (for restaurants), how long you have been in business and basically anything else of importance about your business.

  • Can you take photographs for me?  Photographs are a great addition to any web page.  We regret that photographs must be provided by our clients.  We'll be happy to scan any of your photographs although we do prefer digital copy.  We also have access to thousands of stock photos online.

  • How long will it take before my website is finished?  This will depend on our workload and how large your website is.  We will let you know when you contact us to discuss your website.  Typically we can finish a 5-10 page website in a week or less provided that we have received all of the information we need from you.

  • How will my customers find my website?   When we are finished with your website, we make sure all the keywords & page titles are in place and submit your site to the major search engines.  You can also view our list of Tips on How To Promote Your Own Website Free or Inexpensively.  Your link will also appear in our portfolio and on our community website.
  • What if I don't want to sell products online?  Not all businesses have products to sell.  We understand this and we encourage our customers to start out slow and and add more later if desired. E-Commerce is a terrific tool but it is not for everyone.  Several businesses just desire an advertising presence on the Internet.
  • What if I don't have a computer? You don't need a computer to have a website.  We offer hosting on our third party dedicated servers and your website is designed on our computer.  The most important thing is bringing your business to the consumer's doorstep so that your customers will know where to find you and how to call you.  Your website is working for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.
  • Can I have my own domain name?   Yes and hopefully the name is still available. Let us check the availability of domain names for you.
  • I only do business locally.....Do I still need a web site? Yes!  Your local customers are looking for you online.  When we design & host your website, you will also receive a FREE link on our local community website. Your business will receive that local exposure it needs & deserves!
  • I'm ready for a website - what do I do now?  Gather all the important information that you would like us to place on your website and CALL US!  (314) 544-4930.


Your website can communicate with the world 24 hours a day.... 7 days a week.  Let help you achieve that goal.